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Ali Coyle is a science educator by day, a fiction writer by night, and has been an unapologetic daydreamer since birth. Whilst studying physics at university, Ali chose to interpret the “scientists can’t write” stereotype as a personal challenge and has been writing down their daydreams ever since. Ali has an extensive back-catalogue of fanfiction and currently writes as “Rudbeckia” on AO3. They are very fond of folk tales, mild horror, romance, and cats.

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  • Flash!
    I adore flash fiction. I love the urgency of it, the intensity of plot and character and emotion that can be crammed into a few hundred words. Flash fiction is…More
  • Dark Cheer
    I am excited to have a short story in “Volume Blue” of Dark Cheer Cryptids Emerging, a new two-volume anthology from Why write about cryptids? Why not! Mythical creatures…More

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